6 of the best car insurance recommendations to protect your car

6 of the best car insurance recommendations to protect your car
Kilatmedia.com6 of the best car insurance recommendations to protect your car.Do you already have insurance to protect your vehicle? If not, then you need to know the best car insurance recommendations to choose from.The use of insurance is very important to provide a sense of security and comfort while driving. Therefore, you should not neglect the use of car insurance.
Here are some car insurance options that you can choose from.

1. Traveloka Car Vehicle Insurance

The first best car insurance option is Traveloka Car Insurance, which provides the best offer for you.
This startup, which is famous for its various travel services, turns out to offer insurance services that you can process online.
In fact, just by using the application you can apply for the process of making vehicle insurance easily. There is no need for an agreement to conduct a vehicle survey, you only need to fill in the details via the application.
You only need to upload documents, choose an insurance service, and make payments online.

It doesn’t take long, within 24 hours the registration application process will be processed by Traveloka.

2. ACA Car Insurance

ACA as an insurance company offers vehicle insurance that you can choose from.
This insurance will provide protection against loss, damage and loss of risks that have been recorded in the insurance policy.
There are many partner workshops that work with ACA and make it easier for you to carry out car maintenance.

3. OTO Guard

One of the vehicle insurance that is quite well known is Garda Oto which is a product of Astra Financial.
Garda Oto offers convenience for its users such as easy claims through various channels. There is an application that allows you to make a claim.
There is an emergency and 24-hour service that allows you to make a claim appropriately and quickly.

4. Sinar Mas Car Insurance

The next best choice of car insurance recommendations is Sinarmas car insurance. One of the vehicle insurance products from Sinarmas is Simasnet.
There are two choices of vehicle insurance, namely combined insurance and total loss only (TLO). You can combine these two insurances to get maximum insurance benefits.
Sinarmas provides a variety of trusted partner workshops that you can use to repair your vehicle.
The time to make an insurance claim is also quite fast depending on the completeness of the documents and evidence you submit

5. Jasaraharja Putera

The name Jasaraharja Putera insurance may be familiar to you. Because, this insurance is quite often used by vehicle owners in the country.
This BUMN insurance has a broad coverage so that it makes its users more comfortable to make claims.
Just like insurance in general, there are two insurance options, namely all risk and total loss only.

6. AXA Auto Insurance

The next vehicle insurance recommendation that you can choose is AXA Auto Insurance which has a product called Smartdrive.
This product provides protection and a sense of security to its users when driving.
There are various types of benefits that you can choose according to your needs and desires. The process for insurance claims is quite fast and repair times can be faster because they have collaborated with superior partner workshops.


Using car insurance is very important for those of you who have high mobility. You never know what will happen on the road and make sure you do your maximum protection beforehand.
You can choose insurance products from Traveloka which you can take care of online. So, being busy is not the reason you can’t take care of car insurance.
In addition to being careful when driving, using car insurance will provide protection, especially in the financial sector. So, get your car insurance of choice now!A

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