AJ Raval responds to Barbie Imperial calling her ‘kabit’ Twiter

AJ Raval responds to Barbie Imperial calling her ‘kabit’ Twiter

Kilatmedia.com – New show business AJ Raval denied having a previous relationship or even having sex with Diego Loyzaga, in response to recent shots fired at him by actor Barbie’s girlfriend.

Imperial criticized Raval for being silent amid allegations that he had an affair with Loyzaga and accused him of “having fun” because he was the subject of speculation.

Raval and Loyzaga starred in the romantic thriller “Death of a Girlfriend”, which was released earlier this year.

They are Imperial (23) and Loyzaga (26), who make up a couple of years.

Raval, 21, broke the silence about his relationship with Loyzaga in an interview with Anna Pingol, which was published last weekend. “Diego, no, Diego never flirted with me. We never had a relationship with Diego. I only met him once, on ‘Death of a Girlfriend.’ I agree,” he said.

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Raval denied meeting Loyzaga secretly in Pampanga, saying he last saw it in her film earlier this year.

In his interview with Boy Abunda, Imperial also accused Raval of collaborating with social network personality Xian Gaza, who first published a “blind item” about the famous couple and a third party before Imperial, Loyzaga and Raval were named. “I don’t know where it comes from or why I’d feed Xian about myself, do I, I don’t think I’m mean to myself?” Raval replied.

Gaza has previously denied Imperial’s allegations through a Facebook post.

Raval said he was confused as to why Gaza had included him in its allegations against Imperial and Loyzag.

“I don’t even know. I let Xian Gaza go because he’s happy, e.g. We can not do anything. His job is to hurt people because his job is to make up stories. We can not do anything. “Leave me alone,” he said.

Imperial added that Raval wanted to be Loyzag’S “Partner” or mistress, even though she was not interested.

Asked if Imperial’S deadline had offended him, Raval replied, “Kabit po? Not because I’M just laughing, I promise. Because if you look, uh, my problem is fine now … Absolutely not, really … Not even true. I just seem to be laughing at her. I became a good person, I focused on work, I did nothing wrong. ”

“I don’t know. People will make me so hot now.”

Raval has previously been involved in separate divorce controversies over actor Aljura Abrenici and actress Kylie Padilla. They both clarified his name as the reason for the divorce. Raval said he understood the imperial explosion after having experienced a similar situation.

“I understand Barbie where she comes from. He just got carried away by his emotions because of the pecinta, as the pengagum said. I understand him because I like it too. People challenged me, even though the woman had nothing wrong with me.” serve. I was really challenging people. I understand that, “She explained.

Ravel eventually liked Imperial and Loyzaga and said he hoped their relationship would no longer be affected by unsubstantiated rumors.

“I wish we were fine with Diego. I wish they wouldn’t take me in because they’re still in a relationship at first.” I’M not part of their relationship. That they should find both, because I never had a relationship with them. I have nothing to do.

“I wish Barbie was better than Diego. Don’T let people send what people say.” I hope he understands that it’s normal in our industry, we’re artists, don’t send much to people. “

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