Check out Tips for Starting a Catering Business – Check out Tips for Starting a Catering Business. Check out Tips for Starting a Catering Business. Have you just started a catering business? Check out the following tips. 8+ Tips for Starting a Home Catering Business with Small Capital One of the food businesses favored by entrepreneurs is the hospitality industry. In addition to the great benefits, this business can also be called a “paid hobby” for people who like to cook. Of course, in every company there are always challenges, both small and large. Taking the wrong first step in starting a restaurant business can lead to a lack of growth or the company’s downfall. But don’t worry. You can start a catering business with a small modular using these tips.

1. Determine the type of reception

Check out Tips for Starting a Catering Business

Of course, before you start catering, you need to know what kind of caterer is involved and marketed. With so many types of hospitality jobs, you need to focus on one type as a first step. What type of catering company can you choose?

a. party catering

As the name suggests, this party catering company means you place special food orders for large party events. Examples such as weddings, birthday parties, and others. This type of business requires careful planning and management. This is no longer a small restaurant, but you have to prepare a lot of food for buffet or la carte.

b. Corporate/office catering

The target of this activity is a company with a large number of employees. Businesses need catering in the form of a buffet, usually served in an office or factory. There are also some offices that require catering in large portions for the needs of meetings and social gatherings between sections.

c. school catering

The challenge in running a school providing food business for children is the type of food served. Because school children definitely need good food and good nutrition, as a catering entrepreneur, you also need to prepare nutritious food. But the advantage is that you don’t have to worry about hiring employees. why? Food is usually delivered in boxes and the school is responsible for its preparation.

d. Catering at home

Interested in selling food in the form of homemade rice boxes for special events? You can start a home catering business. Not much modular was issued. However, this type of catering is usually “seasonal”, so the resulting turnover does not have to be too high. Among the types of catering, you can adapt it to the needs of your customers. See the Grocery Shopping Ideas article for more resources.

2. Define a brand name

Of course, you definitely need a brand name in any business quip, and the hospitality business you work for is no exception. Once you’ve made sure you’ve chosen the type of food you want to work with, decide on your brand name. Choose a business name that is easy to remember, food-relevant, and meaningful. Nothing is wrong! Choosing a good brand name can bring you good luck! Don’t forget to bring your logo! A brand name and logo will make your business look more professional. Logos or brands created are printed and used as food marks whenever possible. You can look at sample food marks to provide an interesting resource for food names.

3. Looking for a cheap and quality provider

The prices of groceries in stores shouldn’t be much different. But if you plan to start a restaurant business, you automatically have to buy raw materials in large quantities, right? The small difference is that it makes your assets smaller. Choose the store that offers the cheapest provider. Don’t just choose quality. Do not sell fresh, undamaged ingredients to suppliers. Instead, go directly to the “wholesale” thing. Do not buy in the market or general store. Thus, you will definitely get a very cheap price.

4. Preparation of business modular

Now that you have prepared your catering business well enough, it’s time to prepare your modular business. Of course, the modular business depends on the type of business you choose, the more modular you use, the greater the benefits you will get. Customize your modular and capacity and don’t force it. If the scale of your catering business is still as big as your home business, it is advisable not to use too much modular. You can develop your business and be modular in stages. But keep in mind that you need to think carefully about the modular you are using and the benefits you will get. You can use these tips for managing your business finances to give you ideas on how to manage your business finances. You can use the BukuWarung Financial Management Application to facilitate your financial management.

5. advertise

One of the most important tips for starting a hospitality business is promotion. How do I order providing food services if someone doesn’t know the menu offered? We will start advertising according to the target market that was planned from the beginning. When you decide on the type of catering company, place an ad for your company. Once you’ve decided on a type of home catering, you can start promoting it to your gated community neighbors. Unlike in the past, which only relied on word of mouth, computerized advertising can now be used to advertise on the web. You can start marketing through your website, social media or computerized advertising. The further away your ad is, the more likely you are to attract customers. Also, if you are advertising online, make sure your product is as attractive as possible, including photos, packaging, etc. The goal is to make your content interesting. WhatsApp makes it easy to sell food online. Its function converts your number into a link, so potential buyers no longer need to enter their WhatsApp number, just click on the link.

6. Pay attention to the taste of the food

You definitely want this catering business to continue right? Especially if there are subscriptions from customers who have pre-requested. Not only will the volume of business increase, you will also gain substantial business relationships. Of course you have to pay attention to the quality of the food being marketed. The taste of the food served must at least be tasty and nutritious and in accordance with the price offered. Moreover, the taste of food sold for catering must have a distinctive taste. This is where it can be unique to your catering business.

7. Provide the best service

Check out Tips for Starting a Catering Business

In addition to maximizing business products, as an entrepreneur, you must always provide the ideal service. If you hire an employee, train them first. Do not prevent designated staff from providing good customer service. Poor service such as unfriendly staff, wrong food orders, and food that doesn’t arrive on time will definitely make consumers think about using your services again and again. Don’t let this happen!

8. Accounting

After starting a catering business, don’t forget to do regular bookkeeping. This is very important. By doing bookkeeping, you can learn the masters and cons of the business. Every transaction made can also be recorded accurately, which makes it easier to review the company. Don’t be surprised, many young entrepreneurs today often ignore bookkeeping, and as a result financial bookkeeping is not properly recorded and can damage business activities. Again, at time advanced, you no longer need to do manual bookkeeping. Accounting can be done easily and quickly through the BukuWarung application. You can also get daily or monthly reports. Don’t worry, BukuWarung also keeps your data safe, so you don’t have to worry about losing your accounting documents. Knowing some of the tips above to start a catering business, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to start a catering business.

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