Tips for Choosing the Right Futures Broker/Broker Before Starting Trading – Tips for Choosing the Right Futures Broker/Broker Before Starting Trading. Currently, more and more people are interested in doing exchanges which some of them consider as an alternative way of doing business.

By using minimal or relatively small modular, it seems that the potential profit from exchanging is quite promising.

Moreover, now exchanges can be done online via the web. But on the other hand, many people are often victims of illegal exchanging scams.

This happens because of the lack of financial literacy and the risk in exchanging. Well, one way that can be done to prevent such fraud is to choose the right merchant or futures broker.

So, how do you choose a good and safe futures dealer or broker? To find out, let’s look at the following explanation.

Tips for Choosing the Right Futures Broker

Tips for Choosing the Right Futures Broker/Broker Before Starting Trading

1. Transaction security

Brokers must have a modern and sophisticated system to ensure the security of trading transactions. This security must cover every stage of the transaction from registration, verification, login, to depositing and withdrawing funds.

2. Have a separate account

True futures brokers use separate accounts or isolated accounts between customer and company accounts. If there is a problem with the broker, the dealer’s funds will be kept safe in a separate account.

3. Have a license from the controller

Make sure the broker is registered and has a license from CoFTRA. Brokers who are registered with CoFTRA means that they are supervised by the government and their safety is guaranteed.

4. Have a physical office in Indonesia

We recommend that you choose an intermediary that has a physical office in Indonesia. This will make it easier for the dealer if a problem occurs and cannot solve it through online customer service.

5. Experienced

Choose a futures broker who has experience and a good track record. Brokers can check the reputation of the broker through surveys on social media or based on experiences from other merchants who have used their services.

6. Actively interact with the public

Merchants can also see how the broker or dealer interacts with the public when selecting an intermediary before starting exchanging. Brokers who actively provide education and the latest information about exchange through social media or other means show the broker’s commitment to grow with the brokers.

The final word

Those are tips on choosing a broker that is safe for trading beginners, I hope this article can help. Don’t forget to keep visiting the site to find out other latest information.

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