Watch : Quando Rondo Shooting Leaked Video on Twitter Viral

Watch Quando Rondo Shooting Leaked Video on Twitter Viral – Watch : Quando Rondo Shooting Leaked Video on Twitter Viral. Additional details come to some capture incidents involving rapper Quao Rondo who claimed the lifespan of his boyfriend, Lul Pab.

The films on the scene have since surfaced by exhibiting rapper Savannah Frantic speaking to cops who helped obtain his medical consideration from PAL after being turned. The capture would have been outdoor a petrol station in Beverly Grove, California.

On the basis of the ABC information, Enfon Rondo and its crew stopped on the petrol station in a black climbing Cadillac to obtain petrol. While they took over the automobile to go, a white sedan stopped with three men carrying all the blacks who opened the fireplace on the rapper’s car breaking the windows of the house. The white sedan took off later, leaving at least one man who was breastfeeding the gunshot wounds. Police picked up a number of shells on the scene.

Quando Rondo Video Viral

Watch Quando Rondo Shooting Leaked Video on Twitter Viral

Wheno Rondo and Firm put their injured boyfriend in the SUV and were able to drive a few miles earlier than stop to appoint paramedics. A video shows that the rapper trembling earlier than shouting in agony while the cops helped his injured boyfriend. The police carried out the RCR on the injured man, who seemed to be respiratory earlier than being transported urgently to the hospital, the place where he died later.

In the meantime, the representatives of Quando Rondo say that he was not injured in the assault and is fine. Nevertheless, he seemed to be shaken because of the essay on his life.

The affiliate in no case is not new in the capture of incidents. In the past year, he was also concentrated in a capture while the outside of a gas station in Georgia. The youngest rapper seems to have a goal again on his link with the outside of the disappearance of King Von, a hookah living room. The 2 rappers were concerned about a fight earlier than Von was shot down for the disappearance, apparently by the subsidiary of Quoo, Lul Tim.

Wheno Rondo has not publicly declared something since the capture of the final, but a girl who recognized herself as her aunt says that he is doing well and that her house is currently asking for confidentiality. Preliminary studies advise that the rapper has been killed, but his individuals also say that he has not been touched by any ball.

We have not been able to verify this story and therefore cannot say with certainty that the individual mentioned above is dead. This is a story in development.

This message cannot in any case serve as a necrological notice or death for the individual mentioned above.

This message will be updated as soon as we have more information and an appropriate authorization from the family to publish the cause of death.

A MONTeo representative said to “wheno was present during a shooting last night, which led to the premature death of another young man”.
The representative continued “he himself did not suffer any injuries during the shooting and is safe. We ask that his private life be respected at the moment.”
Enfon Rondo was taken in the middle of a deadly shooting in broad daylight at L.A.

Video Shows Quando Rondo Screaming As Cops Helped Friend In LA Shooting

Watch Quando Rondo Shooting Leaked Video on Twitter Viral

Videos circulating online show clearly upset while talking to a police officer in West Hollywood just after the bloodshed. In the videos, Enteo appears very lively, waving his arms and stumbling back.

At one point, wheno sees the police dragging a body out of a black escalation and he moved away quickly, screaming in agony.

A representative of Quando rondo tells us that the rapper is “OK”, but then climbed us.

The police say … Several armed men went to a service station in Beverly Grove and opened fire, hitting a young man.

His friends loaded him in the black SUV and led to about one mile at West Hollywood, where they were arrested by police officers responding to the shooting scene. This is where Quoo’s videos were shot down and it seems to be just a witness.

The cops gave a RCR to the victim, who was breathing, but not conscious. An ambulance precipitated the victim in the hospital, where he died.

The suspects fled in a white sedan.

King Von was shot in a hookah lounge after a confrontation between his crew and the entourage of Quoo.


Watch Quando Rondo Shooting Leaked Video on Twitter Viral

We know or have information on what caused the death of the individual mentioned above, but we will update this publication once we have this information and we are authorized by the deceased family to do so.

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